Fonts look blurry in FireFox

Dont add Helvetica Fonts to your Greensboro Web Site

Take care when you design for any thing that is using html for the web. Choose your fonts carefully. From my research I have found this to be FireFox running on a PC issue. I can not replicate the problem on an apple product running FireFox. This is example of what the fonts will look like.

FIrefox Helvetica Blurry font

Why I think this is the culprit?

I was able to correct the issue when I used firebug to remove the font-family Helvetica Neue. After removing the Helvetica Neue. This is the results I ended up with.

FIrefox Helvetica corrected font

As you can see the difference in the fonts. I would never have believed this if i had not done the research to find this issue.


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