Web Development in Greensboro

Web Development is the programming or/and interactions on the web pages. Some web developers refer to the coding for the backend of the website. If you have ever been to a site before and had to log in to see your information, that is one of the things the web developer has their hands on.

Web Development and Web Design are two different fields, although both will know a little about the other and even inquire some of those skills. A good example is the difference between a mechanic and a body repair man. Both jobs work on a car but it is two separate aspects of the car. One will take a certain degree of skills and knowledge to complete the work while bending fenders or changing a transmission. Same goes for web design and web development. Both work on web sites but do two completely different jobs with certain knowledge and skills.

When searching for a Greensboro web developer or Greensboro web designer, you have to keep a couple of things in mind like what is the purpose of their work. What are you needing done on your website. Here at Wagner’s Web Design we specialize in both. We have web developers and web designers located in Greensboro, Burlington, and Raleigh areas. Contact us today for any questions about your website needs.