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If you are looking around Greensboro or Burlington area for someone to freshen up your design or create a mobile, professional website, Wagner’s Web Design can help. We specialize in Wordpress and Mobile friendly websites.


Why You need a Web Site

why you need a website for your Greensboro Web Site

Trying to get your business information and/or product out to the public, around Greensboro NC or any large city, has always been a task and headache. That is why we have the internet. It helps you easily reach millions of people and possibly potential clients that are located right here in Greensboro NC or through out the United States! The internet is an affordable way of communicating to your audience. If you don’t want to lose business to your competitors, You have to advertise to them.


Scalable Icons for your web site – Font Awesome

Font Awesome - Scalable Vector Icons for your Greensboro Web Site

Technology is getting more and more advanced as the days tick by. As technology grows so does the devices and screens that the users views the technology on. Screens are getting more and more advanced and ultra high definition, which brings me to this point. More advanced the screens are becoming the more our images and icons become blurry. That is unless you design for those type of screens.


Setting up your design for Retina images

Designing Retina and High Resolution images for Greensboro Web Design

The technology is getting better and more and more people are using high-resolution and Retina ready screens. Designing for this can be tricky but I have come up with a pretty good method to preparing my files for the retina and high-resolution screens. This was a challenge for me and took me a while to figure out the best method of setting up my files.


NEW Website Launched!

Wagner's Web Design - A Greensboro web design company

I have launched a new mobile website! It is definitely a makeover from my other site and easier to navigate. The new site includes CSS3 transitions and some fun stuff integrated throughout the site!


Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Design in Greensboro NC

March 4th, 2013

With the up and coming use of mobile devices rising, it is good to start designing responsive websites or mobile versions of websites. 2013 was a big year for responsive website builds. The number of users viewing a website on a mobile device is only going to double if not triple in the years to come.